Creating a Google Ads account

Creating a Google Ads Account – Account Setup and Navigation

1. Visit the Google Ads website

   – Open your preferred web browser.

   – In the address bar, type “” and press Enter.

   – You will be redirected to the Google Ads homepage.

2. Start the account creation process

   – Click on the “Start Now” button on the Google Ads homepage.

   – If you already have a Google account, click “Sign in” and enter your credentials. Otherwise, click “Create account” to proceed.

3. Fill in your account details

   – Enter your email address, password, and phone number on the account creation page.

   – Click “Next” to continue.

4. Customize your account preferences

   – Choose your country/territory and time zone from the respective dropdown menus.

   – Provide any promotional code you may have in the designated field (optional).

   – Click “Submit” to proceed.

5. Set up your first advertising campaign

   – After completing the account setup, you will be directed to the Google Ads dashboard.

   – To create your first campaign, click on the “Campaigns” tab located on the left sidebar.

6. Select your campaign goal

   – Choose the goal of your advertising campaign.

   – Google Ads provides different options like Sales, Leads, Website Traffic, Product and Brand Consideration, and more.

   – Select the one that aligns with your objectives and click “Continue.”

7. Configure your campaign settings

   – Provide a name for your campaign.

   – Select the campaign type and subtype based on your advertising goals.

   – Set the budget for your campaign.

   – Specify the locations, languages, and networks in which you want your ads to appear.

   – Adjust the advanced settings according to your requirements.

   – Click “Save and Continue” to proceed.

8. Create your ad group

   – Enter a name for your ad group.

   – Set the default bid for your ad group.

   – Create the first ad for your ad group by adding a headline, description, and URL.

   – Customize additional settings as per your preferences.

   – Click “Save and Continue.”

9. Review and launch your campaign

   – Review the summary of your campaign settings.

   – Make any necessary adjustments or edits if required.

   – Ensure that everything is set up according to your expectations.

   – Click “Save and Continue.”

10. Set up billing information

    – If you haven’t already set up your billing information, you will be prompted to do so.

    – Enter your billing details, including payment method, billing address, and preferred payment cycle.

    – Click “Submit” to complete the billing setup.

11. Explore the Google Ads dashboard

    – Once your account and campaign are fully set up, you can navigate through the Google Ads dashboard to monitor your ads’ performance, manage budgets, make optimizations, and more.

    – Familiarize yourself with the various features and sections available in the dashboard, such as Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, Keywords, and Reports.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a Google Ads account and set up your first advertising campaign. Now you can start optimizing your ads, monitoring performance, and driving results for your business.

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