Using remarketing and custom affinity audiences


In this tutorial, we will explore how to optimize your YouTube ads for brand awareness by making effective use of remarketing and custom affinity audiences. By leveraging these two powerful features, you can enhance your targeting capabilities and ensure that your ads reach the right audience, thereby maximizing your brand’s visibility and impact.

1. Understanding Remarketing:

1.1 What is Remarketing?

Remarketing allows you to reach out to people who have already interacted with your website or YouTube channel. It enables you to display ads tailored specifically to their needs and interests, increasing the chances of conversion.

1.2 Setting Up Remarketing Lists:

To get started with remarketing, you need to create remarketing lists by integrating the YouTube pixel with your website. Link your Google Ads and YouTube accounts, navigate to the Audience Manager, and create custom remarketing lists based on specific actions, such as website visits, video views, or engagement metrics.

1.3 Tailoring Ads for Remarketing Lists:

Once you have defined your remarketing lists, you can create customized ad campaigns that specifically target these audiences. Craft compelling ad creatives that resonate with users who have already shown interest in your brand, reinforcing their familiarity and motivating them to take action.

2. Harnessing Custom Affinity Audiences:

2.1 Understanding Custom Affinity Audiences:

Custom Affinity Audiences allow you to target users based on their interests, online behavior, and preferences. It helps you expand your reach beyond remarketing lists, ensuring that your ads are shown to users who share similar affinities with your target audience.

2.2 Building Custom Affinity Audiences:

To create a custom affinity audience, access Google Ads and navigate to the Audience Manager. From there, select “Custom Affinity,” and define your audience by specifying relevant keywords, URLs, or topics related to your target market. Google will then generate an audience based on this criteria.

2.3 Refining Custom Affinity Audiences:

To optimize your custom affinity audience further, experiment with layering additional demographics and interests. By narrowing down your target audience’s characteristics, you can ensure that your ads are shown to the most relevant users.

3. Optimizing YouTube Ads for Brand Awareness:

3.1 Designing Engaging Video Ads:

Create visually appealing, high-quality videos that capture and maintain viewers’ attention. Use compelling storytelling techniques, incorporate your brand identity, and clearly communicate your core message.

3.2 Crafting Strong CTAs:

Include clear and concise calls to action (CTAs) that prompt viewers to engage with your brand. Whether it’s visiting your website, subscribing to your channel, or making a purchase, encourage viewers to take the next step.

3.3 Monitoring and Analyzing Campaign Performance:

Continuously monitor your ad campaign performance using Google Ads’ analytics tools. Track metrics such as impressions, click-through rates, and conversion rates to gauge the success of your campaign. Make necessary adjustments to optimize your performance over time.


By effectively utilizing remarketing and custom affinity audiences in your YouTube ad campaigns, you can refine your targeting, increase brand visibility, and improve overall brand awareness. By understanding how to reach users who have already interacted with your brand and those who share affinities with your target audience, you can maximize the impact of your YouTube ads and achieve your brand awareness goals.

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