What is Bulk eMail

EbusinessTraffic is a bulk emailer. They are our supplier of traffic and do a fantastic job. Ebiz, as we call them, has massive amounts of email traffic for all sorts of businesses in industries. They have some large contracts that keep their private autoresponder system running 24/7. Some clients order over 100,000 clicks per week. They can fill your order, but it is not like traditional solo ads. The traffic is flowing and your link is added to that flow. We can delivery clicks really fast, but try to throttle the orders to make sure we are able to server every order and not SHOCK your client based on speed. We do not use your clients email we use our own which are coded directly into our biz op email stream.

There really is no reason to tell your client any of this information, but it is important for you to know where we generate traffic and how it works.